ProMiner™ Training Simulators

The ProMiner Shovel Training Simulator was developed with the new operator in mind. This simulator is designed to train new operators who have never operated a P&H electric mining shovel. Its purpose is to help in developing muscle memory combined with correct techniques necessary to operate the shovel in a productive and non-destructive manner.

Realistic virtual training simulators allow operators to learn the machine’s controls quickly and safely, as well as master the entire process from start to finish, before they ever step foot into a real-world piece of machinery. Training simulators lead to less machine downtime, fewer accidents, and a more efficient and productive operation.

ProMiner Training Simulators allow both new and veteran operators the ability to safely train in a no-risk environment where mistakes cost nothing, and machinery down-time is completely eliminated. Operators optimize their productivity within the simulation where they have freedom to try out different mining techniques, and receive detailed result statistics.

Each ProMiner Training Simulator is designed to train new operators who have never operated P&H equipment before. The simulators purpose is to help develop muscle memory while using the correct techniques necessary to operate the equipment in a productive and non-destructive manner.

To immerse operators into the experience, the simulators are designed with the highest visual fidelity and realism. Using actual equipment controllers, operators can manipulate the equipment and experience all of the other everyday operations you would expect. Feedback from experienced operators has been used to make the feel of the simulated actions mirror the real-life equipment. For additional realism, simulators feature visual effects found in retail video games, including deformable terrain, particle systems, and physics-based visual effects.

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