P&H Mobile Mining Crushers


Breakthrough advancement in In-Pit Crusher Conveyor system technology

Mobile Mining Crushers

The P&H Mobile Mining Crusher (MMC), a breakthrough advancement in In-Pit Crusher Conveyor (IPCC) system technology, is offered in model sizes matched to P&H 4100-Series shovels, and is available for large material handling operations.   

The MMC is a self-propelled unit that receives mine material directly from a P&H shovel and reduces it to a conveyable product size. The fully mobile crusher is based on proven, successful technology from Joy Global. Special features include:

  • Rugged C-Series Shovel Undercarriage
  • Driven by the P&H brand Centurion System
  • Sizer
  • Conveyor System

An MMC uniquely matched to its shovel counterpart allows previously unattainable levels of operability, availability, and synchronization, leading to dramatic improvements in cost and efficiency. And unlike previous mobile crushers, the P&H MMC represents a breakthrough in its integration with the “smarts” of the C-Series shovel, resulting in additional efficiency improvements in the movement of material.

Centurion System

Like newer P&H shovels, drills, and draglines, the MMC is driven by the powerful and expandable Centurion control system. Centurion has already proven itself as a breakthrough in equipment communication, command, and control-drive technology. Centurion is also a powerful information platform that helps maintenance workers zero in on—and quickly correct—performance issues.

The Joy Global Services Advantage

Typical complete IPCC systems are normally sold and supported by a variety of manufacturers, leading to less-than-adequate aftermarket service and support. But with Joy Global service teams, covering the globe with support specialists already helping keep mines and their equipment at the highest levels of productivity, customers of the new P&H MCC System will find a complete solution for their parts and service needs.

4170C Mobile Mining Crusher (for the P&H 4100 Electric Shovel)

This self-propelled MMC, with a rated throughput of 10,000 to 12,000 tons per hour, features the rugged undercarriage of a P&H 4100 shovel, and is equipped with severe-duty P&H DC AC motors and highly efficient P&H planetary propel transmissions. Linked by Centurion and using electronic positioning, the IPCC moves in concert with the 4100 shovel, insuring proper positioning at all times. As a result, performance for both units is optimized on a continuous basis. In addition, the maintenance schedules of both units are synchronized, leading to dramatic improvements in overall IPCC system availability.

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